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There is more fun to be had beyond the sand and the waves!  Toss off your sandals and kick up your feet, as the historic tour of Tybee cruises along the beaches and backroads of Tybee Island, GA to share some of the interesting facts, folklore, and happenings to occur amidst the palm trees and dirt road.   Learn about the infamous pirates, battles, ghost sightings and resources that have made the island both coveted and feared for centuries before European settlement! Explore the well-lit history of the lighthouse and the murky dark of the Lazaretto creek! Find out what threatens the island just off its coast, and what treasures may be buried beneath your beach chair.  Just as you find yourself on the edge of your seat, relax to take in the historic and beautiful homes dotted along the officer's row of old Fort Screven and be entertained with the famous visitors who also found beauty in their stay here.


As a beloved beach destination, Tybee Island has seen the expansion and means of transportation for beach lovers to gain access to our barrier island, and their own slice of paradise, since the early 1800s.  A major portion of our tour carries along the remains of the original railroad through the island, truly taking a step back in time, as stories unfold of the settling of an oasis, close yet so far from the city and the busy life just one Savannah River away.  Join us for a wonderful adventure and an opportunity to learn more about your favorite little island.


What should you expect?  Tours of Tybee last roughly 75-90 minutes and will share much of the history of the island from early indigenous to present day characters and key players.  This tour welcomes guests along an exciting golf cart ride of the island to experience the unique layout and scenery that has been curated and cultivated over the years.  Guests can expect to enjoy stories of history, ecology, folklore, and the best of shenanigans.

Want to travel off island for a private tour of haunted Savannah?  Tybee Tour company is not afraid of the things that go bump in the night, as a matter of fact, we have been guiding spooky stories of downtown Savannah for more than a decade. With a rich history and a dark past, the city of Savannah offers something for everyone’s curiosity. As the original capital of the colony of Georgia, the first planned and gridded city of the American colonies has a deeply laid secret beneath its city squares.  Dare to walk the streets, through the Colonial Park cemetery, and into the ghastly terrors that haunt the city to this day.  With 7 stops along the historic downtown district, guests will come to learn about the hexed beginnings and the exchange of land between the Yamacraw natives who first inhabited this space and the founder of Savannah, James Edward Oglethorpe.  Every turn takes us deeper into the shocking history of well-known names such as Habersham, Gwinnett, Aiken, and Wright.   As they say, the rest is history, and in the case of Savannah, a very haunted one. Tybee tour company offers private tours to keep you and your family exploring and enjoying together. 

**Private group tours ensure that it is just you and yours on the tour.  With tour group sizes of up to 30 people in downtown Savannah, you will enjoy a more intimate show, allowing for more hidden-away places to be explore. 

Call or message to book your PRIVATE group tour.

PS. We love our school groups and offer a great school-group rate.

Tybee Tour Co.

Tybee Tour Company

we guide the fun! 

Tybee Island - Tybee Tour Company Sunset


Welcome to Tybee Tour Company -- where we guide the fun!

With a passion for exploration, nature, and learning, Tybee Tour Company provides fun memory-making for all ages!

Tybee island is a tiny barrier island that packs a major fun-punch!  Tybee, also known as Savannah’s Beach, or Salt Island, has been a place of rest and restoration for more than 4000 years. Today, the Island boasts over 1,000 full time residents. Tybee is home to the East Coast’s largest and oldest lighthouse still in operation, The Tybee Light House.  The island seems untouched by time in many ways, showcasing classic relics of the past still in use such as the Tybee Post Theater. 


TTC is proud to be local to Tybee and honored to share the history and beauty of the island. 

Tybee Tour Company - Tybee Island Pier
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