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Faux Fall and the Tybee Wind Down...For Now

While there are fun things to do on Tybee island all year round, it is just following Labor day weekend that the tone of the island begins to change. We have a few weeks of rest before the shenanigans of Pirate Fest hit our shores. The sense of summer break goes out with each tide and the cooler breezes are met with gratitude. We saw some sweltering days here this Summer 2023.

The season is changing, more beach, less traffic;

our little 3 mile long island can become quite the remote adventure spot.

If you are a fan of surf or skim-boarding, first stop by High Tide Surf Shop to pick up or rent some boards. There are a few breaks on Tybee. The two popular breaks are currently the Jetty at the Taylor street board walk at North beach. The second break is next to the pier, south end at 17th st. We are currently in our hurricane season (june - november), and while Tybee does not have large waves, you can definitely surf here.

If you want outdoors but need a more relaxed pace, check out Tim's . This is a classic shop for bikes, disc golf gear ,and beach supplies.

Tybee Yoga offers free community and beach yoga classes throughout the week. Check out their schedule.

With unpredictable weather, you may find yourself in side during the season change here. The Tybee Post Theater has the charm of the 1930's, popcorn and all. You can rent the space, come for a movie, or live performance.

Did you know we had an arcade on the island? Two actually. We try to relive the days of Tybee with its amusement park with two funky locations sporting pinball, air hockey, and more. South end Rock house and Crab Shack host a large space for the original gamers.

The beautiful part about sharing Tybee with tourists is that we truly love living here. There are so many great things to do or get involved with, so don't miss out.

And of course you can always join us for a tour.

Keep Having Fun.

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