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Follow the Leader- Tybee Style

Meet Jacilyn, owner and tour operator for Tybee Tour Company. An island local herself, it was Jacilyn’s love for Tybee and a career as a history teacher that led to the formation of our fun historical tours. Jacilyn enjoys sharing the rich and diverse history of the island. She continues to enjoy learning about the island, and is too happy to share her findings on tour (shout out to the archive museum, next to the lighthouse, for their gathering of resources, and to Julia Pearce for her expressive wealth of knowledge).

Sharing the stories and past of Tybee island is much like watching others unwrapping a gift. You can sense the bewilderment, interest, and intrigue. There is much more to Tybee than the beaches, my friends. Come take a tour and let us guide the fun.

Tours are now being offered on the north Tybee via golf cart and a walking tour of south end Tybee island.

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