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Our Spooky Origins

With the original Capital of the Georgia colony, Savannah, only a short distance inland, the history and haunts become real on both sides of the river, extending to a haunted history surrounding Tybee.

Strolling the history sidewalks of downtown or slowly rolling through the dunes and sands of the island, apparitions and traumatic tales and fables rise up from the past to those who are curious. Among other horrible history in the area, Savannah and Tybee have housed suffering for many a years in the form of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. With Tybee Island being the quarantine space for the enslaved arriving to the Savannah port, our 40 day health screen with pest houses on Tybee has placed us on the map of haunts with the stories and imagery of African wading in the waters and hovering over docks at the Lazaretto creek point. Due to our hand in the enslavement trade, Tybee is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You may see more than dolphin's on Captain Derek's tour. Look Alive!

Ready to learn more about the haunted history of Savannah and Tybee?

Check out our tours for more spooky folklore.

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