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Rain or Shine, a Smile feels fine

August 7th, 2023

Tybee Island is well-known for a wonderful beachy breeze, fabulous sunshine, beautiful blue bird skies, mild winter with balmy summers, and most certainly our rainy seasons. It was this sweet ocean breeze that would bring relief from the summer heat, driving beach goers to the south shores of Tybee in the id 1800s via steam ship from Savannah. This was a 4 hour trip up the river with another cart and mule ride waiting to pull families from Lazaretto creek to the south end. At the height of the railroad, nearly a quarter million guests would make their way for this glorious weather. We now are approaching some 2 million visitors annually. Well over 40 inches of rain falls on the island annually, with the heaviest of the rain coming down in August, were we are now.

August also begins to build conversations of tropicals storm far out to sea and the chances of a flawless season. Hurricanes and tropical storms bully Tybee from June through to late November, every year.

The threat increases by end of summer season as we listen close for the names of the storms we should keep eyes on. While on tours, at least one person will ask about the weather and how we fair on the island. While we have some stories to share of the storms and what has been swept away, most the locals remain steady with our sail of a smile.

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