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Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

When the summer hits, we all make our way to the beach! Tybee island has long been known for its beaches, with our first beach resort days beginning in the 1830's. While tourists are finding their toes in the sand on the south end and the north end of our island these days, this was not always the case.

Our Historic tybee tour will take you back in time to our early days of the Guale and the Euchee (Yuchi) all the way to the current happenings of the island. For those who wander our little side streets, there is more to know that what the eyes can see, it just takes an expert to show you.

Tybee Tour Company is here to share the rich history, culture, and happenings of Tybee Island. There is more here than meets the eye. We are more than just a beach. Hop a board a tour to learn more and love Tybee for all she is.

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