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An Ideal Day on Tybee

Blessings start early each day on Tybee. For anyone willing to wake up and get outside as the sun is still cresting the edges of our shores, you will find treasure waiting for you in the skies. Walking to the North Beach jetties or watching from the South end pier, Tybee's sunrises are only paralleled by our sunsets. Once the sunrise has refreshed my perspective, I am both ready to take on the day and hungry. My top spot for grabbing a healthy and nourishing brekka is from Mi Vida. Mi Vida is owned and operated by a rad family on Tybee that bring their Costa Rican flair and flavors to tybee. The fresh cold-pressed juices are amazing, and there is no wrong choice on the menu.

After a lovely morning Tybee is great for exploring. Tybee Tour Company offers guided tours around the island to share out history, folklore, hauntings, and happenings throughout time on Tybee. While our tours are only 90 minutes long, there is still much to do in the day.

Climbing the Tybee Light House is a must. the 178 steps to the top offers the most amazing view of the north end Tybee. See if you can spy the Cockspur lighthouse from way up high! Fun Fact: Tybee is home to the largest (Tybee lighthouse) and the smallest (Cockspur) lighthouses in the state.

Following a lighthouse climb, walking the dirt road or back beach is fun, but even more fun on a bike. Tim's Bikes and beach gear has locations on both the north and south end of Tybee. Thanks to our bike lanes, biking easy and accessible all over the island, no need to get in a car while you are here!

In my ideal day, I do not return to the house until I need a nap (the beach is also a great place for a mid-day shaded snooze). I pick up a take-away salad and slice of pizza from Hucapoos. This infamous pizza joint on the North End has been feeding Tybee locals for years. I take my food to the Taylor Street boardwalk and watch the surfers, fisherman, and families playing in the waves. Life is good, and finally, I need a nap.

Afternoons are purposely slow on the island, naps are totally a thing here! As the energy comes through for a second wind, it is time to hop on the bike again and ride south end to the Rock House arcade. Such a fun space for playing games while beating the heat! Take a few bucks with you, they have coin machines available as well. Someone see if they can beat Mike Monroe's Guns-N-Roses score.

The evening comes quick enough and for me, I am torn between Seawold and Salt Island for dinner. I decide to get the pre dinner cocktail at Seawolf, and then walk down the road for the delicious curry bowl at Salt Island. I eat early because the show is about to start.

Just as I started the day, the sun wants to give us a show. Alley 3 and the back river provide an amazing stretch of clouds and colors for sunset viewers. Be sure to stay even after the sun is gone, the skies will still give off great colors for another 15-20 minutes usually.

I end the day with a glorious outdoor shower. Nearly every house on tybee has one.

What does your ideal day on tybee include? We would love to know and we would love to guide some of your fun with a tour of tybee.

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