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March into Spring with a few fun things on Tybee Island

Who doesn't love spring, especially on a tiny sand barrier island like Tybee. As a 9b growing zone, the winter bloomed camellias are beginning to litter their beautiful petals to the ground and the zinnias will be pushing up from the dirt before we know it. March and springtime on Tybee are magical! The weather is ideal for walking, biking, and staying outdoors from sunrise to sunset. We do get some bugs throughout the day, but you can easily combat those with the locally made and sold no-gnatz spray. Whatever your choice of bug repellant, do make sure you have it available at all hours of the day during our spring and fall months.

Along with the change of season and warmer weather, Tybee also snaps back to tourist season. The slower days of winter are fading and the 7 days a week parties have begun. While some love the slower "tybee times", there is an electric current and charge that comes from the spring breakers visiting our island. With more people on the island, remember to keep it easy and slow, Tybee wasn't built for speed, but rather easy peasy living and enjoying the little things.

If you are looking to get involved while on the island, consider linking up with locals who seek to keep the beach and island thriving:

  1. Join a beach clean- up with Tybee Clean Beach. Leaving only our footprints is a great start, but sometimes we need to pull more than our weight. Luckily, we have fun while keep our beaches clean.

  2. Check out the incredible programs offered through the Tybee Marine Science center. This space is a rehabilitation space for our marine life, and teeming with loads of knowledge and insight to keeping our environment thriving:

  3. Story time is still alive on Tybee Island. Take a break from the beach and sun with a family friendly free time at the Tybee Library:

March is also a great month for touring the island sun up to sun down.

Join Tybee Tour Company and the lovely temperatures in March for early morning history tours , afternoon walking adventures, all day biking around the island, and overflowing fun with pub crawls in the evening.

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