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Winter is coming and there are Plenty of Things to Do on Tybee

It is one of the most asked questions from a tourist in the height of our visitors season, "Does it get cold on Tybee? What are the winters like"?

My best answer is this, "It depends on the wind and where you are on the island."

The coldest month we see is usually January with an average high of 57 and a low of 44 degrees fahrenheit. The rain stays consist with 5-6 days with rain, but the winds can make it feel cooler. I will share a secret spot below but consider some of these activities during the chilly months on the island. Here are some of our top picks:

1. Rock House Tybee- Never a dull moment playing air-hockey or pinball! It is worth checking out the fun games at the arcade, just down from the pier other fun shopping.

2. Marine Science Center- Get up close and personal with the marine life in our waters. This rehabilitation center and interactive marine science center offers great resources for learning more about our marine life and habitat. They even have a touch tank for kids!

3. Glazed and confused Paint your Own Pottery- Fire it up on those cold day with the kiln and painting your own pottery. This is great for solo travelers, partners, or groups. A fun way to create a memory and momento of your time of Tybee.

4. Nomad services through Tybee Wellness Let the pampering come to you! Cold out and wanting to stay cozy but still have a Tybee experience? Check out Nomad! We love that they bring the services to you.

5. Tybee Tour Company Get to know Tybee with a guided tour. To know is to love, and Tybee Tour Company makes it fun and easy to love Tybee. Come enjoy the history, stories, lore and haunts that have created the island we love to enjoy today.

Now on to that secret beach spot........

if you know the island and the winds well enough, you can find yourself a stretch of beach where the sun is still warm enough to strip you down to your bikinis.

The South end turns just out of the North Easterly winds, giving sun bathers a wonder space just south of 18th and toward the back river around the Mermaid Point of Tybee Island. Remember to only leave your footprints.

Keep having fun and we look forward to seeing you this winter!

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